gone batty!

Our family has been a bit under the weather for last 2 days. With the kids in the house all day we got a little batty! We don't have many Halloween decorations so, to make it feel a little more festive we strung up a garland with some paper and black string we had in the house. I found a half bat template online and a ghost rubber stamp that I outlined and printed them both out. I had the kids cut some shapes and I cut a bunch for the garland.

Ethan made some bats but he had his own plan for them; he colored it black and made a card instead. Hudson had a great time cutting but, not into any actual bat or ghost shapes. While I was stringing the garland the boys decided they wanted bat kites so, Bert helped them cut out the shapes and tied with some black string.

They happily ran back and forth in the living room as there kites flew! The best part was, this craft project kept everyone engaged and whining / arguing free for quiet a while. :)

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Softflexgirl said...

I see that you are finally hanging some paintings up on your walls. :)