weekly reflection

Ethan with his still life setup of some new school stuff

Ethan starts kindergarten on Aug 12. He will be saying goodbye to his preschool family in a few short weeks. He is super excited and ready to see what this kindergarten thing he has heard so much of is all about.

This week Bert & I picked up his teacher, Mrs. Baker's supply donation list (and I totally cried)! It was so unexpected. I think I may have a tougher time on his 1st day of school then I realized. Nannie bought him a shirt, some school supplies, a thermos cup & Mario Kart lunchbox. He received a Mario Kart backpack as a gift from Miss Laura.

Ms Laura is Ethan's daycare provider / preschool teacher. He has been going to Laura's Daycare for over 2 years. I know he will miss her and all his buddies lots. He made her a super sweet card (which I totally should have taken a picture of. d'oh!). He dictated this message for me to write: Ms Laura, I will miss you when I go to kindergarten. I love you. Then he signed these words himself: Love Ethan. So cute. We are so lucky that our children are happy and loved when they are away from home while us parents head off to work. I am so very grateful for Ms Laura and her family.

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