gratitude journal - week 3

Gratitude journal week 3 occurred while I was on vacation. Although I brought along my journal and intended to write in it that went out the window pretty fast. It seems I have an unspoken "No thinking on vacation" rule that needed to be adhered to. So, instead of writing daily on vacation I summed up the moments I am thankful for overall. Here they are ...
  • tying the knot ~ I am so happy to have been there to see my sister get married
  • family time ~ having so much of our family in Jamaica to celebrate with my sister was amazing and lots of fun
  • cousins ~ second to seeing my sister get married, hanging out with my cousins was the best! I moved across country when all of them where really young. Being together with them for couple of days and getting to know them was really awesome.
  • my best friend, Bert ~ I can honestly say this man is my soul mate. I could not imagine embarking on this long strange trip to another country with any other. We traveled 18 hours together going and coming with many stops along the way and through it all we had the best time. Once in Jamaica we truly enjoyed each others company. We spent quality time together and apart moving freely about our days and every bit of it in complete happiness. This is so, so much to be grateful for.
  • relaxation ~ quiet time by the Caribbean Sea under the palapas
  • Jamaica ~ seeing this entire beautiful island

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