bird watching

What a delightful way to spend our time - watching feathered creatures flit about in our front yard. I received a bird feeder for Mother's Day and it has proved to be a nice addition to our home. We have a flock of birds visiting daily along with some bunnies and a large lizard. We see finches mostly but, we have had a few colorful sightings like this beautiful red Cardinal. Bert is enjoying the company as the birds have taken to him since he has been replenishing the feeder (pretty regularly). The birds have even come to the front door and peeked in the windows when the feeder is empty! Too cute.


Anonymous said...

This sounds great!!!!!!

Creative Stash said...

It has been really nice but, those birds sure do eat a lot! The kids as well as us adults really enjoy watching them. The bunnies are super cute too!