gratitude journal - week 4

Keeping this up has become progressively harder. I actually had 2 days this week when I didn't write anything in my journal to be grateful for. I felt guilty after each day I missed but, looking back at it now I realize it was silly to feel that way. Missing a day here or there just ... is what it is. No reason to dwell on a misstep when the whole point of this journey is to see the positive in life.

Here is what I felt grateful for in week 4 ...
  • this journal ~ free from SMoCA, I'm happy I found a good use for it.
  • kiddie hugs and kisses ~ many of these from my boys
  • miss Laura ~ having a safe place our kids enjoying go every day for care and preschool means so much
  • books ~ I love stealing a little quiet time to read
  • cloudy days ~ these are blissful days in the almost always sunny the desert
  • coffee breaks ~ wonderful time to sit, relax and chat with friends
  • homemade sauce ~ Bert makes delicious tomato sauce from his grandmother's recipe.
  • imagination ~ with marker colored arms Hudson declares "I want to be superman!"
  • nature walks ~ strolling the neighborhood with the boys and observing nature
  • good friends ~ thank you Carla for lending your ear and encouraging me to grow
  • yard full of birds ~ they are enjoying the bird feed and we enjoy watching them

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Carla said...

Love you Kristen. I NEED to start a gratitude journal too.