new year, new goals

I have to say, I love making new year's resolutions. Being the goal-setter and list-maker that I am, that’s not surprising. It's my favorite way to start the year fresh. Looking back and thinking ahead. Although, I do need help in learning how to stand still in the present sometimes. This year I want to continue in the direction I've been headed; simplifying, healthy living, creating and peace. I narrowed my list of creative and personal goals down to my top 13.
  1. meditate and journal every week
  2. plan a date with each of my kids once a month
  3. create 4 new paintings
  4. save $1,000 emergency fund
  5. work on how to respond calmly rather than react when situations become tense
  6. work on my fitness 4x a week: yoga, zumba and weight lifting
  7. reach next weight loss goal of 18lbs. lost by the end of the year
  8. learn how to use my sewing machine
  9. grow herbs and vegetables in our backyard
  10. continue to make healthy eating choices and work on cutting out sugar and hfcs
  11. volunteer my time and energy to those less fortunate at least 2 times this year
  12. engage in outdoor activities: hiking, swimming, picnics and evening walks
  13. create, grow and network etsy store & freelance design (20 hours a month max)
Many wishes for health, happiness, growth and peace in 2010!

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