sketchy doodle

pattern on my eye glass case

I joined another group on meetup.com. I'm such a groupie! I can't help it, I love seeking out and connecting with like minded people. The group is called sketchy doodle and the mission is to practice sketching in a small informal group, meet other people who like to sketch, develop your artistic skills, and learn by seeing how other people draw. Sunday was my first sketchy doodle adventure.

tiger eye from a Swarovski ad

cogs from inside the candy factory store

plants located around the edge of the food court

imagery from the paradise bakery signage

I really can't remember when I sketched for fun with other people. I have sketched with others at school or for a design job but, both of those have certain goals you are trying to obtain. To just sketch for fun with others was nice. We had small conversations with one another between creative bursts and in the end we shared with one another what we created.

We met in a mall food court. In a setting with so many people around it's no wonder most sketched people. I love seeing the different styles of drawing each one possessed. Figure drawing isn't my favorite and I haven't done it in about 10 years so, I stuck to my comfort zone and sketched other images I saw while looking around.

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