30 is the new black

Thirty is choosing your own path, opening up to new possibilities, never settling for less ... Thirty is giving of yourself, taking risks, aiming for success ... Thirty is the new black!

Happy birthday to me! I'm turning 30 tomorrow! Although I have been celebrating since July ;) My fantastic husband, Bert, threw me a surprise bday bash while we were visiting our family in NY on July 4th. What a great time, I was super surprised and saw some family & friends I hadn't seen in years, and Bert had to plan the party with my family (hehehe). It was truly awesome. Thanks, babe.

Bert & I will be headed north tomorrow to the middle of nowhere (Alpine, Arizona) to visit our friends Carla & Mark. We will have no computer, no tv, no kids, no phone (possibly) - ahhh bliss! I am soooo excited to hit the cool weather and just relax. Strange that I have been on this earth for 30 years when some days i feel like i'm seeing the world for the first time. No birthday blues here - I am truly happy with where i am, how my life has evolved and am looking forward to the next decade of my existence. I desire to be happy in the present and so i will be!

I received a super sweet card from my friend Dan that states: Some people radiate love and leave happiness wherever their smiles have been. You're loving heart makes the world a more beautiful place. Gosh that's sweet. I can only wish that those words hold true throughout my life. Nothing would make me happier then to leave happiness wherever my smiles have been.

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Softflexgirl said...

I'm excited for 30 too. I think my 30's will be pretty wonderful!

Happy Birthday, my friend. You are one of a kind and I am fortunate to have you in my life! :)

Love, Sara