childhood nature

I'm feeling a little creatively under the weather. I have a desire to work on some paintings but the arizona heat is creating havoc on my plans. My "studio" of sorts is setup in our garage and it is crazy hot out there right now. I usually to wait until the evening to paint when the kids are asleep and the garage is a bit kinder temperature wise but, in the midst of summer even the evening doesn't offer a break from the heat. I have one painting left mid-way that I need to finish and a few ideas that I can't wait to get started on.

For my birthday I received the very thoughtful gift of a michaels gift card. What better way to celebrate then with new art supplies! I purchased 3 large canvas' to create a series for myself. This weekend was first friday's art walk in downtown phoenix and I went with a few friends. It is always a joy to see and feel what artist's have to say. I took that inspiration along with some insight from a book I'm reading and came up with what I think is a great idea for my series: the nature of my childhood. I have yet to decide what elements of memories I will use as my muse but, I compiled the word montage above to get myself thinking. I will for sure incorporate my grandparents weeping willow tree. I had wonderfully magical feelings arise when that tree was recalled in my memory this weekend. I can't wait to be able to express those feelings!

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