cabin fever

Here stand Bert & I on our cabin porch at Deer Dancer Cabins in Alpine, AZ. This place was fabulous! Rustic and simple with all the amenities (or non amenities) you need for a nice relaxing weekend. The cabins were secluded with pine tree views from every window!

Above stands Bert inside our cabin next to the wood spiral staircase with faux branding symbols (nice touch) that leads to the bedroom loft. And the second photo is the view looking down to our living room from the bedroom. Instead of tv, Bert made a fire a few times a day for us to enjoy.

Look at all these wonderful goodies our hostess Carla left for us in the cabin! It was such a sweet treat. We arrived on Friday, August 15 which was my 30th birthday. She left me a gift bag with a beautiful soy candle and natural soap from the Paisley House, this adorable vase and fresh picked flowers. She also left us 2 cup cakes and korbel in the fridge, peanuts to feed the birds & squirrels and advil in case we experienced an "altitude" headache. I also later found out she went around and straitened all the curtains and left a couple windows open for fresh air. Thank you, Carla for making our little cabin in the woods feel so welcoming!


Bert said...

it's the alitude!!!

Bert said...

or altitude