kids art: gallery

While reading the new book The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections by Amanda Blake Soule I got from the library, I decided to try another suggestion. I was reading the chapter on art storage. I have always kept a clothesline type display in the kid's playroom of the things they create and a storage box of mementos for each child for later in life. But, the art gallery idea she suggests was a great new way to celebrate Ethan & Hudson's artwork. I located (4) 8x10 frames I had in the garage, looked through some pieces the boys had created and chose 2 from each of them to hang up. I hung the artwork at a low level that was accessible for Ethan & Hudson to see (but not too low that they could knock them down) in the hallway between the boys bedrooms as you see here! I think this will be an inspiring new way to display their prized pieces and allow them as well as everyone who visits our home to admire them. I hope that by creating the kids gallery it shows the boys that there art is, and always should be, valued.

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