repurposing old sandals

At the end of the summer I went through my sandals and these 2 pairs where headed for the trash.  I knew they were too worn out to be donated but, dumping them in the trash didn't feel right. I stop and think about what I throw away more then ever and these sandals had something that got me thinking ... maybe they can be re-purposed somehow.  I didn't know how at the time but, I have kept them around in my "to make things with" stash.  Using my new nifty sewing scissors (which cut through the leather like butter!) I cut up these sandals once and for all. 

I am pretty excited about the "new" components I made from my old sandals. Not sure what the final creation will be yet but, I see so much potential in something I was about to just throw away.

Have you made a surprising discovery on how to reuse something destined for the trash? Tell me about it, that kind of stuff makes my day.

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Softflexgirl said...

Love this!