vintage inspired sparkle

I have been awfully quite on this blog lately, sorry about that.  I think all the hustle and bustle of the holidays finally caught up with me and I have been in a state of creative rebellion.  Not in a good "thinking out of a box" rebellion but, in a "can't seem to get started on anything" rebellion.

So, with that said I am trying to pull myself out of my "rut" so to speak.  One of my creative goals for this year is to utilize the random stash of supplies I have.  The first thing that spoke to me from my bead stash was this vintage inspired brooch / pendant.  It is one of the most sparkly things in my bead box and what better way to perk myself up then to get sparkly, right?!  I paired it with some simple black seed beads and fire polish beads for pops of sparkle throughout the necklace.

I have been wondering if I should have used larger beads in the necklace to balance it or if the contrast of the large pendant and small beads works nicely, what do you think?


Amanda said...

Kristen, that is BEAUTIFUL! Really, I think you did such a great job on this. I want to commission you for something when I eventually get married (God willing haha)!

Kristen said...

Thanks sweetie - that is the ultimate compliment! Bridal jewelry is so personal and special. I won't actually hold you to commissioning me but it's awfully sweet of you to say ;) you will make an awesome wifey to your manfriend! xoxo