diy earring display

With the help of my fantastic husband we whipped up this earring display for my show booth last month.  I needed something to display my canvas earrings and I needed it to be free. So, I wandered around my house and found a canvas frame (from the painting I cut up into earrings, perfect!), simple white string (string can be used for so many things!) and a fabric storage bin top from the kid's playroom (the top is never on so, I figured it wouldn't be missed).

First, we measured where the string should go, making sure we left enough room for the earrings to hang with a little space below them. Next, we stapled the string to the back of the canvas frame with a staple gun. I then traced the outline of the frame onto the fabric, cut it out and stapled it to the back of the canvas frame.  This part is ideal with two people, one person stretches the fabric while the other staples it, this ensures the fabric is stapled tightly to the back of the frame.

Now that the frame was complete, I needed to figure out how to stand the frame up on the table ... I tried a few things then aha!  I thought of my folding easel which worked perfectly!  It seems so obvious now ... canvas earrings displayed on a canvas frame propped up onto an easel but, honestly it all came together by accident and it took awhile for me to realize the whole thing connected.  I'm not too quick, am I?!  haha. It's a good thing I can rely on my subconscious to connect the dots. :)

To make something similar you would need:
  • canvas frame (could substitute a picture frame)
  • white string (use any string, ribbon or cord - make sure whatever you use will hold your items)
  • fabric for background
  • staple gun
  • easel or something to prop frame against (not needed if you use a picture frame)  
Do you have any booth display ideas that work really well for you? I'd love to hear about them!


Softflexgirl said...

Very creative!

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Thanks Sara! I first tried your idea of tree branches in place of the string (which I love) but the glues I had on hand weren't doing the trick so, I went the string route instead.

Anonymous said...

Genius! And string is useful for all SORTS of things in a booth - that and masking tape is always in my show box!