first friday in downtown phoenix

Gate at HoodRide Bodega Gallery - I just love this.

First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix is happening! I met my friends Alison and Jay tonight for a fantastic stroll from gallery to gallery. The windy night was just perfect to enjoy the fresh air, their good company and to see what our local artists are up to.

First Friday is a free monthly self-guided tour of galleries, studios and art businesses in downtown Phoenix run by Artlink. Artlink is a volunteer based grass roots organization dedicated to showcasing the amazing variety of art in Phoenix. I really need to become a supporter and volunteer my time. I'm sure it would be an awesome experience.

Some highlights for me where the Roosevelt Row Block Party; featuring 50 artists and vendors selling there wares in a block party style street closure and Conspire Phoenix; an arts cooperative featuring fashion, arts, crafts and a coffee/tea bar. I got a very yummy iced mint green tea there. There was also a street "freak show" who hung weights from his lower eyelids that made me quiver, a few dance circles, live music and dj's to enjoy and a whole lot of eye candy to inspire us. I just love experiencing the vast variety and raw expression of the galleries and street artists displayed around the city.


Softflexgirl said...

I miss this. Now that I'm right here, I never go. So strange...:)

Creative Stash said...

life is strange sometimes. i would like to go again may 1st if you want to join me. :)