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I recently read the book Choosing Simplicity: Real People Finding Peace and Fulfillment in a Complex World by Linda Breen Pierce. It's ironic really because I feel like my life is anything but simple at the moment. For reasons beyond our control we will be moving from our rental home. We are unsure of when we are moving, where we are going and all the other challenges that lay ahead.That sounds anything but simple!

The book is filled with stories of real people who have chosen to well, live simply. I found the stories inspiring and enlightening. I was nodding along in agreement with the things I do now and the wishes and dreams I have for the future. I enjoyed reading the variety of perspectives and appreciate that the author emphasized that there's no exact formula for this type of life style.  

This is how the author defines simple living:  

Simple living or voluntary simplicity are lifelong processes in which we turn loose the quest for more wealth, status and power in favor of an authentic life of inner peace and fulfillment. 

Excerpt about materialism and productivity (page 107) that spoke to me:  

If materialism is addictive, so is our desire for productivity and efficiency. We are constantly trying to milk the most out of each minute of the day. Our love affair with productivity and efficiency generates busy, chattering minds. Often we have trouble relaxing when we finally get some leisure time; we cannot easily escape the habit of working, thinking, and above all, saving time.

Simple living does not mean you must reject the material comforts in life. It means letting go of anything that interferes with a meaningful quality of life. This for me, means I need to strip away activities, stuff and work that doesn't fulfill me and bring peace to my life. My desire for productivity in particular is in need of tweaking. I am always trying to see how I can squeeze in something while doing something else.

This book affirmed many of the choices I've made about the of life I choose to lead and I am hopeful that I will learn to escape the habit of working so often. My only criticism is that there is some repetitive material and the author plugs the book "Your Money or Your Life," way too many times. However, looking past that this book gives you lots to think about and good resources are included.

I picked up this book after seeing a review on the nature mom's blog about it, click here to read her review.

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