new favorite item I didn't know I needed

I purchased these beautiful dishcloths from The Dishcloth Shoppe.  The Dishcloth Shoppe offers handmade, eco-friendly, functional and absolutely gorgeous dishcloths, made from 100% cotton. At first, I was uneasy washing my messy pots and pans with these oh so pretty cloths.  But once I did I found they are surprisingly durable and abrasive.

I remember my mom using dishcloths way back when but, sponges ultimately took over our cleaning habits.  In our home, we have embraced cloth napkins instead of paper napkins, cleaning towels instead of paper towels and real plates and utensils instead of disposable but, sponges are still here.  I'm not sure why I held onto them for so long, they are expensive, they aren't pretty sitting on my sink (like these beauties) and then they get tossed to the landfill.  I'm happy that another area of our home "greened".

We wash our kitchen napkins and cleaning towels on a daily basis so these will be a small addition to the wash. There are some good suggestions on how to keep dish cloths smelling better on yahoo! answers.
I hope they last a long time. 

Do you used dishcloths? Any tips to help them stay fresh and long lasting?

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