sisters vacation

Aunties & the boys having fun in the backyard.

So much has happened recently! Since our trip to Colorado, I just feel like time has flown by. We came home and within days our first born began kindergarten. A few days after school started, my 2 sisters arrived to witness Ethan's first days at school and celebrate my birthday.

Aunties & Hudson relaxing by the pool

For my birthday we stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho in old town Scottsdale, drank John Daly's by the pool all day, and ate like queens. Both my sisters and I love to order a few things and share family style. Anyone who goes out to eat with me knows this is my favorite way of enjoying a meal! We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Arcadia Farms. This place makes you feel like you're inside a doll's house and the food is all farm fresh. We enjoyed dinner atMalee's Thai on Main, the food was great as was the service. Katie, Kelly & I were all pretty tipsy and giggled our way through dinner. A few steps from the restaurant (Kelly had REALLY high Tina Turner heels on) we stopped at The Tortilla Factory to rest our feet, have another drink and snack on chips and salsa and finished the night with a chocolate cake to go (which I enjoyed in the bathtub later that night,haha).

Hotel Valley Ho room

Hotel Valley Ho bathroom

Hotel Valley Ho pool

After our night away, my sisters had a blast hanging with their nephews for the rest of their stay! I was so sad to see them go. I hadn't felt that sad in awhile :( It sure does get harder to be away from our loved ones as we get older and understand what family means to us. My sisters are really special. It's sad knowing I won't see them again until March 2010!

In other news ...

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