fried maters & lemon spaghetti

Bert and I made dinner together tonight and boy was it yummy! We share the cooking responsibilities in our house as we both enjoy making and trying new entrees. Today we joined forces: Bert made a delicious lemon spaghetti recipe and I made some "fried green maters". Bert tried the lemon spaghetti recipe from food network's Giada De Laurentiis cookbook Everyday Italian. This is a keeper! We found some green tomatoes at the Mesa community farmer's market yesterday so, I just had to try them. I've never made them before and after browsing some recipes online I found you can cook them a few different ways. Some say cornmeal, some just flour, some with breadcrumbs. I choose to make them like fried eggplant (my fav!). I dipped the sliced tomatoes into flour, egg and breadcrumbs, then fried them up. The verdict? Yum! After I got over the fact that they were tomatoes and not eggplant, I really enjoyed them. What a great new fried treat (not that I really need a new fried treat)!


Softflexgirl said...

You have to post the pasta recipe after telling us all how great it was! :)

Creative Stash said...

you have to get the cookbook - haha! It's basically a sauce made from olive oil, garlic and lemon zest and then add fresh basil (we substituted dried because that what was in the house but fresh basil would have been perfect!)