fresh squeezed oj

I have been feeling under the weather this week with a very sore throat so, this morning I decided to boost my vitamin C intake with a little fresh squeezed orange juice. yum!

We received this juicer as a hand me down from Bert's grandparents awhile back. I love having the ability to make fresh juice when inspiration strikes. It usually takes about 3 medium oranges to yield a 6 oz. glass of OJ. Since my oranges were small and I wanted 2 glasses I juiced up 9 this morning! Orange juice can be made as a beverage straight from the orange without adding any other ingredients. Today, I made straight up orange juice but I also love making the combo of orange and apples with a splash of carrot juice.

Wow! 9 small oranges and this is all I got! But, it really packs a punch. A small glass of this potent acidic fresh squeezed orange juice should make a very hostile environment for my sore throat bacteria. Ka-pow!

On another note, I just noticed the HGTV dream home giveaway is in Sonoma! I can't beleive I didn't realize this until just now. It's over in a few weeks and this location is to-die-for IMO. Not only is it gorgeous and only an hour from from my favorite city, San Fransisco but, it is also where the company Bert & I work for is located. Winning this one would be so-sweet. I'll be entering daily from today forward - wish me luck!!!


Carla said...

The OJ looks yummy! I'm sending you good vibes to win the house. Good luck! You never know!

Softflexgirl said...

I think you should win for sure. I'm putting out good vibes for you!

Creative Stash said...

Bert & I have been entering every day!!! hey you just never know ;)