Pita Jungle Art Exhibit, 1st Stop Arrowhead!

Have you ever noticed that each Pita Jungle location has different art on the walls? They love supporting local artists so, next time you’re at any of their locations make sure to keep your eye out for the current showcase.

I was first introduced to Pita Jungle over a decade ago. Whenever I was there, I noticed art on the walls and loved that they supported local artists as well as dished out deliciously healthy meals. One day I hoped to show my art in a community restaurant just like that. It's taken me awhile to get there but, I made it! It brings me such joy and satisfaction that my "some days" are being realized bit by bit. 

I installed my artwork at Pita Jungle's Arrowhead Location in Glendale, Arizona on Friday! My art will be showcased at their Arrowhead location for 30 days and then I will be moving to another Pita Jungle location. I'll keep you posted on what city I'm headed to next.

Pita Jungle
7530 W. Bell Rd. Ste 106
Glendale, AZ 85308
Open 7 Days a Week 10:30 am - 10:00 pm

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