new abstract work

The creative every day theme for May is one, today I am sharing a painting I worked on last week. This one is mostly acrylic with some watercolor and oil pastel thrown in for some added pop in color. 

I used the sketch below that I created a few weeks ago in my sketchbook as inspiration and decided to paint in "one" direction for this month's challenge.

I painted the artwork intending to hang it vertical but, when I brought it in my house I decided I liked it better horizontal. That could have a lot to do with the space I ended up placing it in as well as the fact that the piece took on it's own life separate from the sketch. I am wondering about whether or not to sign the front, this way the direction of the art can change based on the space it's in.

When I started I was trying to mimic the sketch but, as you see the feeling and colors don't match at all. There is something in the quick strokes, splashes of color and color choices that got lost on transition to a canvas. I didn't realize what a difference it would make going from watercolor / paper to acrylic / canvas. Good lesson learned about art materials with this project.

Which direction do you prefer the artwork, vertical or horizontal?

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