asymmetrical necklace

After yesterday's post about the 4 renditions of this asymmetrical necklace (which you can see here) a friend suggested I remove the pendant all together.  I did think of that while designing but, was stuck on the idea of using a pendant.  After her suggestion I decided to see if I liked it without one and you know what, I did.

The final design without the pendant is a modern version of yesterday's design.  I also think that removing the pendant that the focal becomes the colors and composition which in fact was just want I wanted to begin with.  This is exactly why I LOVE feedback, thanks Heather!


carolyn said...

I really like this, and think that leaving the pendant off was the right choice.

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Thanks Carolyn! I wore this out the other night and it is fun to wear the ring in the center or off center to one side. Yep, no pendant was the way to go. Thanks for stopping by my blog!