bead and button show recap

I am overflowing with beady inspiration thanks to working at the BeadandButton Show this month. I took a week long trip to Milwaukee with Soft Flex Company to help them out in their show booth. It has been a few years since I helped in the booth and it was really nice to get out from behind my computer desk and spend time with my co-workers in person.

I don't talk about my "day job" much on this blog but, I am a full time graphic designer for Soft Flex Company and have been for 9 years. Soft Flex Company is a beading wire manufacturer that sells tools, beads and beading wire to make your own jewelry. How cool is that?! Way cool. It's really nice to work for a company in a creative industry and that is full of creative employees.

The first few years working for Soft Flex, I traveled to a few shows to help out, learn our products, meet customers and vendors face-to-face and check out how other companies display their products and signage. It was always great fun. After becoming a mom of two, going away for a week to help with a show just wasn't do-able for me and my family anymore. This year, now that my kids are a bit older, I was asked if I wanted to go. I was a little hesitant at first but, knew it would be a worthwhile and I'm glad I said yes.

While there, I helped run our daily Make-It-Take-it projects during the show and assisted customers and demonstrated how to use our tools and wire while in our company booth. In addition I was able to meet many people I talk to via email face-to-face and that is always nice. I also got to see new products other companies have and feed off the creative energy that is bouncing all around. It's amazing to be around so many creative people - bead makers, jewelry designers, book authors and teachers oh my! You can't help but get excited talking with people about their passion.

The BeadandButton Show is a really well run and inspired show, I highly recommend you check it out someday if you have any interest in the beading / wireworking / metalsmithing / lampwork jewelry world. They host an amazing number of classes and the booths are just brimming with wonderful pretty things to inspire your designs and tools to make designing easier. The show is held in Milwaukee in June every year.

Stay tuned as I gather the treasures I brought home and share them with you ...

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