happy halloween!

Mario & Luigi - Halloween 2008.

Okay I have to admit Halloween has been one of my "ba humbug" holidays. I love candy and sweets as much as the next person. And a good costume party can be fun sometimes. I know it's sounds wacky for a creative person to not enjoy dressing up and going all out on Halloween. And I do enjoy the dress up part but, honestly I have frightful teenage memories surrounding this holiday. Memories that include shaving cream, eggs, toilet paper, flour sacks and more. You see as I grew into my teens Halloween took a turn for the worst and I even stayed home some years to escape the torment that went on in my neighborhood after dark.

For the past 4 years (since I had my sweet little Ethan) Halloween is looking better. The kids so enjoy dressing up and trick or treating. I wish you all a frightening fun Halloween fill with more treats then tricks.


Carla said...

They look so cute =:)

Softflexgirl said...

I don't really like dressing up - I really look forward to having a little one someday to dress up as a ladybug or a pea in a peadpod or giant pumpkin (wasn't that Ethan's first costume?). That sounds like much more fun! I guess I'll just satisfy myself by dressing up Honey in the mean time. Lucky Honey!!! :)