weekly reflection

Kelly kicking off the weekend with a glass of wine and her miss bachelorette sash

This time last week I had just arrived in New York for my sister, Kelly's bride-to-be weekend of celebrating. The fun began on Saturday at 9 am and we partied on until 10 pm, it was quiet a celebration! Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day and being outdoors, drunk as skunks and enjoying it with a bunch of important women in my life was awesome, just awesome.

The crew relaxing at our visit to the 3rd winery on our winery tour. After this we headed to Patty's house for the after-party!

Kelly at her bridal shower modeling her "lil bo-peep" shower ribbon and bow hat.

The bridal shower was a nice relaxing brunch at Wickers Restaurant and everyone had a lovely time. We have a silly tradition of attaching all the ribbons and bows from the gifts to a paper plate to create a ribbon and bow hat or bra (I had the bra at my shower, hahaha).

Some of the bridal party
Katie, Barbie, Kelly, Me, Katie and Jessica

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