august biz goals

I pretty much got to everything on my list for July. August is my birthday month (woo hoo!!!), the boys start school next week and we are preparing for a move across the country so I will be keeping things extra simple with an emphasis on creativity instead of the business side of things. 

July Goals
  • S & J wedding invitation - sent to the printer, should arrive this week!
  • creative every day challenge - worked on bracelets based on the "blue" theme
  • continue packing and preparing for a move - yep still packing, sold some things too
  • possibly post a moving sale for Etsy shop? having a birthday sale instead
  • create pdf file for artwork page instead of the long list and then move on to design page - still to do
  • try and make time to move - I have not been good about the gym and am cancelling my membership due to moving but, I did do some yoga on my own. I have a hard time motivating myself at home to exercise so, that was a big step for me. 
 August Goals
  • promote etsy birthday sale
  • finish "blue" bracelets I started
  • creative every day challenge check in, theme this month is "red"
  • create a 35 before 35 list (sounds like fun!)
  • play with new watercolor paints and paper
  • continue preparing for move
  • make time to move - family walks, yoga and dance

If you would like to join in the Meetup biz goals fun, head on over to Athena Dreams to read more about how we support one another and how to join in.


Sandy Coleman said...

Congrats on your accomplishments for July. Good luck with August. So sorry to hear about your recent loss. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats on your productive July :) Also, have fun with your 35 before 35 - I'm currently working on my 30 before 30 and writing the list was more difficult than I thought it would be.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your encouragement! I am thinking 35 before 35 may be tougher then I think but, I'm excited to see what comes to mind ... I'll sneak a peak of your list Lindsey.

Candied Fabrics said...

Looking good, taking up yoga while packing to move is courageous! Hooray