may biz goals

Wowza, can you believe that it is May already?! Luckily we are still having really beautiful weather here in Arizona. Here's a look back on April ...

April Goals
  • begin S&J wedding invitation design - not as far along as I would have hoped.
  • complete commissioned baby nursery painting - have not begun yet
  • print art and resin custom coasters - finto! these turned out great.
  • list new bottle cap magnet set and create with resin art pendants - total slacker, in fact I didn't get any items added to my shop this month at all.
  • add about page to creative stash blog - yes! the blog template I had didn't allow for pages to be added easily so, I installed a new template and worked on my about page. So excited to get the ball rolling on this. I plan to add a new page each month until I have it all complete.
  • get involved with creative every day theme - small - rats, another month slipped by me on this.
  • family art play time - we painted eggs for Easter and gave the kids playroom table an update.
  • setup monthly meal plan - I am having a mental block on this
  • movement - family walks, yoga and dance - took some walks this month with our dog
Here's what I was up to this month ...


We celebrated Ethan's 7th birthday! I cannot believe I have a 7 year old son. He is growing up so fast. He wants a pool party so, we are planning his party for this summer.

I had a custom order for art coasters. I was so nervous about setting these in resin and whether they would be level and able to hold a glass. They turned out great. I just have to ship these lovelies off to Brooklyn, NY!

I made personalized bottle cap magnet sets for mother's day. I didn't do a very good job of marketing for mother's day and need to make a mental note to pay a little more attention to the calendar ;) Personalized magnet sets are for sale in my Etsy shop.


We went boating and fishing for the first time with some friends. It was a beautiful time.

We painted eggs, made a scrumptious carrot cake and celebrated Easter. For those who don't already know, sadly, my grandmother passed away this month. She fought a long, difficult battle with Parkinson's. She was a generous women and loved to spoil my sisters and I when we were children. I traveled home to NY for a week to say my goodbyes and be comforted with the support of my family. We shared many stories together and celebrated her life.

For May, my hope is to act. To stop gathering inspiration and instead embrace what I already have inside and act. A new month means new challenges and I am really excited to create and see where it leads me!

May Goals
  • S&J wedding invitation design
  • baby nursery painting
  • design jewelry with resin art pendants
  • complete 1 new painting
  • add artwork page to creative stash blog
  • get involved with creative every day theme - big
  • family art play time
  • setup monthly meal plan
  • movement - family walks, yoga and dance
Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  ~Author Unknown

If you would like to join in the Meetup biz goals fun, head on over to Athena Dreams to read more about how we support one another and how to join in.


Mary said...

I have to say, those seem like very well rounded goals! I'm sure you'll be able to meet them, and have a great month of action! Needing to stop just being inspired and act, that is a great way to put it, and is totally true for me! Thanks!

Lindsey said...

those coasters look beautiful :) Good luck with your May goals!

Liz said...

Yay Kristen! Love that you're rolling along, and acting on your goals and your dreams. Have a great May! And the coasters! gorgeous!

sarah s. said...

Kristen: I think your goals are solid and the coasters are fabulous...have a great month...